• Keep Your Home Inspection Ready
    Keep Your Home Inspection Ready
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    Head on over to my blog, The House That A-M Built’, for tips on How To Keep Your Home Inspection Ready, once you are on the market …. HERE.

    A-M xx

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  • Coffee Table Styling
    Coffee Table Styling
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    Head on over to my blog, ‘The House That A-M Built’, for tips on styling up your coffee table … HERE.

    A-M xx

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  • INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Remove Polarising Colours
    INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Remove Polarising Colours
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    IMG_5601Choose room accent colours that appeal to the majority.

    You might love your dramatic black walls, in your lounge room, as they complement your guilded furniture …. but will the majority of your buyers coming through love them too? Yes, most likely someone else WILL love them but will that someone actually be lucky enough to be in the buyer pool coming through your home at the time it is on the market?

    Create a room that appeals to the broader population. Neutral, light colours not only appeal but they create a sense of space and bring in the light. You can create the drama with accessories on your neutral base.

    This kitchen had a red splash back that we thought might narrow the market appeal … so the lovely owners agreed to change it to white. It brightened up the whole space! And we achieved a great sale after the first open home! A street record in fact!

    After Image Courtesy Real Estate Pics

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  • INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Do The ‘Daily Five’
    INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Do The ‘Daily Five’
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    I believe that if you complete the following 5 tasks each day you will minimize the stress of impromptu home inspections whilst your home is on the market … and you will be ‘ready for inspection’ at all times.

    1. Make the beds. Then if a sudden inspection is requested by your agent, you don’t have to do the mercy dash home in the middle of your day to make the beds! Added bonus? Research has shown that people who make their beds every day are happier people!

    2. Start with a spotless kitchen every day. Do a thorough kitchen clean after dinner every night. Benches, sinks, the lot. Life is busy so look for little kitchen jobs to do while dinner is cooking. Wipe down the front of the kitchen cupboards, clean the range hood grill, detail the knobs on the stove while you wait for the pot to boil, polish up a window or two. Remember while on the market, we are aiming for your home to be ‘beyond clean’. Super clean!

    3. Wipe over bathrooms after each use. Get into the habit of using a squeegee on your shower glass after each use. Keep a cloth handy to wipe over benches and basins quickly each day so that there isn’t a mad panic about the state of the bathrooms at the last minute. Hide the toothbrushes just before you leave the bathroom! Straighten the towels, or quickly replace with fresh and hide the wet ones in the washing machine until you get home!

    4. Manage your mess. Get into a habit of putting something away when you have used it. Tend to your mail immediately so it doesn’t pile up. Put toys away at the end of the day. Fold the washing as soon as it comes off the line. Take the rubbish out with you every morning. Don’t let clutter build up. Start with clutter free surfaces every morning.

    5. Enlist help. Delegate to family members. Give the minions an easy to complete list of what they have to do in their space each day, so that it is ready for inspection at any time.

    Remember if you start with super clean and tidy it’s easier to maintain that state!
    Happy Sunday! Xx

    Image Courtesy Real Estate Pics

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  • INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Tell Stories’
    INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Tell Stories’
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    Tell stories. Give rooms purpose.

    Show your buyers the full potential of your home with rooms that clearly state their function. Ensure each room tells the ‘story’ of it’s purpose to help your buyers imagine living in them.

    Ok, so your 3rd bedroom is currently a junk room and somewhere to stash your ironing pile. Turn it back into a bedroom to show your buyers the full potential of the room.

    Have heaps of bedrooms and worried that it might limit your buyer pool to only super large families? Style up a bedroom or two (the furthest ones from a bathroom) as a study or extra living space so your home appeals to a broader market.

    Have a huge open plan room that is rather under-furnished and looking like an empty barn? Add more furniture to define distinct zones within the room. Delineate a dining area or a sitting area with furniture placement and a rug.

    Streamline each room so that the functionality of the room is clear to your buyers. Make sure there is a clear thoroughfare through each room too and the room is not over-cluttered with unnecessary furniture! Hire a storage unit if necessary, for excess everything! We’re making good progress here!

    1. Start With Clean
    2. Remove All Signs Of Life
    3. Tell Stories
    4. …… to be continued …. Happy Sunday! A-M xx

    Image Courtesy Real Estate Pics

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  • INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Remove All Signs Of Life’
    INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Remove All Signs Of Life’
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    Remove all signs of real life. Your life. Sounds harsh, but I mutter this phrase all the time. I even had a gorgeous client exclaim, ‘remove all signs of life’ with a cheeky smile, as she was getting ready to leave me her home to show at an open home.

    Your buyers do not want to see how you lived in the home, your photos, your pretties, your clutter, things that are special to you. They want to be shown the dream life they will be living when it is their home. I suppose I call this step ‘extreme de-cluttering’.

    ‘Think display home’. There is a reason people love visiting display homes. They are serene, uncluttered spaces selling a beautiful dream. So start packing. Now. Before you sell. Pack away your life in the home. Trinkets, photos, toys, excess books, excess furniture. Pare everything back. Even the contents of your cupboards. You are going to have to pack anyway, may as well do it now. Packing up your life could result in a higher sales price. Your home could be so desirable that buyers compete for it! (my mission in life – buyer competition through desirability).

    So what if it looks ‘too perfect’ or even ‘staged’! Gasp! Horror! Buyers LOVE staged homes. They linger. They delight in them. They photograph them. They get inspired by them. And they buy them! True!

    Staging and styling a home for sale is not about hoodwinking buyers and showing them something that the home is not, it’s about showing buyers the full potential of the home. “Every home deserves it’s ‘wedding day’, the day it will never look better!” Ref: A-M, said always.

    Remove all signs of life.

    Think display home.

    Start packing.

    Wedding Day.

    And that’s how I roll!

    Image Courtesy Real Estate Pics

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  • INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Start With Clean’
    INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Start With Clean’
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    “I was just thinking yesterday how lucky I am to be able to stage and style homes and then get direct face to face feedback from the buyers at my open homes.

    So, I thought I might share some Styling Tips on Instagram @capecodresidential each Sunday, that have been inspired by feedback from my buyers each weekend. These are the things that home buyers find most appealing and rank highly when searching for their dream home.

    Let’s start with the basics. A really, really clean home. No use prettying it up, when underneath there is grime. We’re talking inside cupboards too, as your buyers look! Why wouldn’t they, it’s a big investment. Screens, window tracks, bathroom grouting, tapware, shower screens, oven, stove top. Put in some elbow grease and make your home sparkle. Your buyers love clean. It’s almost up there with ‘new’!”

    #sundayhomestylingtip #capecodresidential #stagingstylingandselling #homestaging #homestagingbrisbane #propertystyling #realestatestyling #realestatebrisbane #brisbanerealestate Image Courtesy @real.estate.pics

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  • What Makes Cape Cod Residential So Different?
    What Makes Cape Cod Residential So Different?
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    Cape Cod Residential is Brisbane’s most exciting real estate agency! With a groundbreaking sales process, a nationally recognised styling icon as agency principal, and a styling inventory second to none, Cape Cod Residential is achieving superior sales outcomes right across Brisbane.

    Traditional agencies remain focused on ‘the transaction’, or ‘the volume of sales’ they have completed, rather than the ‘sales outcome’ for the homeowner.

    The primary driving force behind a higher sales price, or a faster sale, is ‘buyer competition’, driven by a property that is ‘highly desirable’.

    CCR Stats

    Cape Cod Residential’s presentation and marketing approach for online property listings consistently outperforms all local agency averages, with online ‘buyer views and engagement’ numbers 4 to 10 times higher than all comparative listings … a powerful illustration of a process that attracts more buyers and superior outcomes!

    Superior Sales Process

    The secret to a superior sales result is having a process that truly captures the essence of what makes buyers really want to buy. Cape Cod Residential integrates the magnetic qualities of better presentation and marketing with the commercial principles of buyer competition and skilled communication, to produce superior sales results.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.19.44 am

    Superior Staging and Styling

    Cape Cod Residential offers an ‘all-inclusive’ home presentation service second to none. There is no charge for any stylist time, and no charge to hire any of the Cape Cod Residential home staging inventory. In addition to the thousands of dollars in direct cost savings, you can also expect a significantly higher sales price for your home!


    Settlement Bonus

    The Cape Cod Residential settlement bonus provides a complete rebate of online marketing costs at settlement, removing the need to compromise the promotion of your home, and saving you thousands of dollars.


    To discover how Cape Cod Residential can maximise the FULL potentional of your home, contact us now on 0403 766 822 or email: sales@capecodresidential.com.au

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