INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Do The ‘Daily Five’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Do The ‘Daily Five’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – Do The ‘Daily Five’

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I believe that if you complete the following 5 tasks each day you will minimize the stress of impromptu home inspections whilst your home is on the market … and you will be ‘ready for inspection’ at all times.

1. Make the beds. Then if a sudden inspection is requested by your agent, you don’t have to do the mercy dash home in the middle of your day to make the beds! Added bonus? Research has shown that people who make their beds every day are happier people!

2. Start with a spotless kitchen every day. Do a thorough kitchen clean after dinner every night. Benches, sinks, the lot. Life is busy so look for little kitchen jobs to do while dinner is cooking. Wipe down the front of the kitchen cupboards, clean the range hood grill, detail the knobs on the stove while you wait for the pot to boil, polish up a window or two. Remember while on the market, we are aiming for your home to be ‘beyond clean’. Super clean!

3. Wipe over bathrooms after each use. Get into the habit of using a squeegee on your shower glass after each use. Keep a cloth handy to wipe over benches and basins quickly each day so that there isn’t a mad panic about the state of the bathrooms at the last minute. Hide the toothbrushes just before you leave the bathroom! Straighten the towels, or quickly replace with fresh and hide the wet ones in the washing machine until you get home!

4. Manage your mess. Get into a habit of putting something away when you have used it. Tend to your mail immediately so it doesn’t pile up. Put toys away at the end of the day. Fold the washing as soon as it comes off the line. Take the rubbish out with you every morning. Don’t let clutter build up. Start with clutter free surfaces every morning.

5. Enlist help. Delegate to family members. Give the minions an easy to complete list of what they have to do in their space each day, so that it is ready for inspection at any time.

Remember if you start with super clean and tidy it’s easier to maintain that state!
Happy Sunday! Xx

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