INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Remove All Signs Of Life’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Remove All Signs Of Life’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Remove All Signs Of Life’

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Remove all signs of real life. Your life. Sounds harsh, but I mutter this phrase all the time. I even had a gorgeous client exclaim, ‘remove all signs of life’ with a cheeky smile, as she was getting ready to leave me her home to show at an open home.

Your buyers do not want to see how you lived in the home, your photos, your pretties, your clutter, things that are special to you. They want to be shown the dream life they will be living when it is their home. I suppose I call this step ‘extreme de-cluttering’.

‘Think display home’. There is a reason people love visiting display homes. They are serene, uncluttered spaces selling a beautiful dream. So start packing. Now. Before you sell. Pack away your life in the home. Trinkets, photos, toys, excess books, excess furniture. Pare everything back. Even the contents of your cupboards. You are going to have to pack anyway, may as well do it now. Packing up your life could result in a higher sales price. Your home could be so desirable that buyers compete for it! (my mission in life – buyer competition through desirability).

So what if it looks ‘too perfect’ or even ‘staged’! Gasp! Horror! Buyers LOVE staged homes. They linger. They delight in them. They photograph them. They get inspired by them. And they buy them! True!

Staging and styling a home for sale is not about hoodwinking buyers and showing them something that the home is not, it’s about showing buyers the full potential of the home. “Every home deserves it’s ‘wedding day’, the day it will never look better!” Ref: A-M, said always.

Remove all signs of life.

Think display home.

Start packing.

Wedding Day.

And that’s how I roll!

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