INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Tell Stories’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Tell Stories’

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Sunday Styling Tips – ‘Tell Stories’

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Tell stories. Give rooms purpose.

Show your buyers the full potential of your home with rooms that clearly state their function. Ensure each room tells the ‘story’ of it’s purpose to help your buyers imagine living in them.

Ok, so your 3rd bedroom is currently a junk room and somewhere to stash your ironing pile. Turn it back into a bedroom to show your buyers the full potential of the room.

Have heaps of bedrooms and worried that it might limit your buyer pool to only super large families? Style up a bedroom or two (the furthest ones from a bathroom) as a study or extra living space so your home appeals to a broader market.

Have a huge open plan room that is rather under-furnished and looking like an empty barn? Add more furniture to define distinct zones within the room. Delineate a dining area or a sitting area with furniture placement and a rug.

Streamline each room so that the functionality of the room is clear to your buyers. Make sure there is a clear thoroughfare through each room too and the room is not over-cluttered with unnecessary furniture! Hire a storage unit if necessary, for excess everything! We’re making good progress here!

1. Start With Clean
2. Remove All Signs Of Life
3. Tell Stories
4. …… to be continued …. Happy Sunday! A-M xx

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