“The Cape Cod Residential team is like a breath of fresh air in real estate. Actually make that a whirlwind of fresh air!

Selling a property can be a challenging time and Anne-Maree and Luke provided guidance and support from start to finish. They took the time to thoroughly explain their process, the preparation needed and the sale campaign. They are genuine lovely people and we laughed and cried our way through our first meeting!

Anne-Maree has a tremendous energy and enthusiasm for her work and when you partner this with meticulous planning, organisation and an amazing eye for design and presentation the result is pretty outstanding. I was promised that my property would have her ‘wedding day’ and that’s exactly what happened.

Well-presented houses aside, I chose to sell through Cape Cod Residential because I trusted them. They guided me through many unknowns and I felt that they had my back at all times. I would get a prompt reply to every text, email or call and Anne-Maree would check in and keep me informed every step of the way. They worked tirelessly and often ‘out of hours’ to manage the sale. Nothing was left to chance. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who gives so much of themselves to their work and I wholly recommend them and thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Beth King, Ashgrove

“Thanks A-M … you and your team did a brilliant job for us. Made our life so easy, and made our apartment look great in a matter of days and sold within a matter of hours, in a lockdown no less!

Talk about rise to the occasion! Couldn’t recommend you more.

You guys are rockstars!”

Karyn, Newfarm

“Cape Cod Residential were the most professional real estate agents I have ever dealt with. They staged my home beautifully. They were very respectful of me as the home owner. On the day of the sale there were 35 groups through, over 100 people. By the end of that day, I had a 30 day, cash, unconditional contract, over market price. You cant ask for more than that! I couldn’t recommend Cape Cod Residential highly enough. They certainly walk the talk with honesty and integrity.”

Jen Godfrey, Gordon Park

“Anne-Maree Russell and Cape Cod Residential, where does one start?

Dedicated, hardworking, impeccable style, high attention to detail, protects and stands strongly for her clients, highly approachable, honest, tells it like it is, flamboyant, a joy for all to be around with her high level of fun, enthusiasm and complete love for her work, her clients, her buyers and the industry, both Real Estate and Design.

Anne-Maree works at lightning speed with positive energy from start to finish, always with professionalism, ensuring your needs are always met, so hang on to your hats!!!

Cape Cod Residential is a rare experience. If you are lucky enough to be one of their clients you will have unlimited support and advice and you will feel as if you are not actually part of a real estate transaction but a wonderful unique experience where Anne-Maree and her dedicated professional team pull out all the stops.

From the minute your project begins with Cape Cod Residential you will be provided with exceptional marketing and product brochures, extensive social media coverage, a wealth of knowledge discussed with you during the process information provided on statistics and sales in your area and advice on which areas to improve on your property to maximize your sale prior to listing if required.

Further to this, staging and styling is an area which can cost a seller considerable amounts of money, not to mention finding someone who can perform this highly skilled, highly talented job in perfecting your home and creating a magazine shot for every room for both photographs and weekly open homes. We cannot explain the eye for detail, colour, placement and perfection Anne-Maree is graced with. She exceeds expectations and literally creates the perfect property in every sense of the word. The transformation which takes place is mind blowing for both the sellers and the market. But what we are grateful for is the fact that unlike other packages, Cape Cod Residential DO NOT charge you for styling and keeping the furniture in your home during the sale period. Seriously! This is part of the real estate package provided to you, no strings attached. This in itself and the ‘extra’ work Anne-Maree performs was a gift and one we are truly grateful for.

Each week (there were only three) we looked forward to hearing her arrival and seeing her bright happy face ready to tackle another day as if it were the first. From each open home the numbers of people who arrived were incredible, the buzz and hype created around her sale is like no other.

Is there another Anne-Maree Russell ? NO. Is there another Agency like Cape Cod Residential ? NO. Do not think twice, the best thing you could do for your property and your investment is to call Cape Cod Residential and put your trust and faith in them to look after your future like we did.  Anne-Maree and her team have given us the outcome as set out from the beginning, all promises were kept, she strove to achieve our goal from start to finish and we are over the moon with the result and so is she because she really cares.

Thank you to Anne-Maree and her team for giving us the opportunity to move forward on to the next stage of our lives where we are happy and content. We had so much fun with you and will forever remember the experience. We could not have achieved this without you, we are eternally grateful. Your fans,”

Lena & Russ Seenan, Coorparoo

“I have flipped many a house over the years, but nothing prepared me for Cape Cod Residential.

Like a conductor in an orchestra with unending passion and energy, I watched in awe as the plan was set and the team coordinated with the utmost of respect and professionalism (which is outwardly reciprocated by all).

The hours spent ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘attention to detail’ are beyond what most of us could ever fathom having the energy or time for with no stone is left un-turned and every last opportunity maximised for success.

If there was a bar for real-estate agents – this is it. A one-stop package that will make your home shine at its best – you wont regret entrusting your greatest asset to A-M and her team. (We will definitely be back!)”

Amanda and Jason, Camp Hill

“Best agents in Brisbane. We have used Anne Maree and Luke to sell on various occasions, and believe their approach to presenting a property to the market is a standard above other comparisons. They truly provide next level staging/styling and awareness of how the market operates. Cannot fault their process, and highly recommend for achieving the best possible result in any market.”

Steve and Amelia, Carina

“We recently used the Cape Cod team to sell our home. Both Luke and Anne-Maree were exceptional in every aspect of their service. From the very first time we met with them, we knew that they were the best to be selling our beautiful house. They really do work for the seller and are open and honest throughout the entire process! We will definitely be using them again!”
Kellie, Camp Hill

“Dear Anne-Maree,
I have followed your journey from the first house that a-m built and enjoyed not just your fabulous design ideas but also your lovely family’s progress and of course your real estate venture.
Recently I decided to sell my house and unfortunately couldn’t ask you to do it as I am in Sydney. I did the next best thing and followed your advice. First I read your Price Truth free ebook several times. I did the worksheet diligently to benchmark my property realistically and chose my agent based on your observations. While I did not use a stager I made sure the house was presented beautifully.
At my first open for inspection there was considerable interest and within 10 days I had accepted an offer well above my expectations. The agent was surprised with the outcome too!
I am writing to say thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise, and to tell you how much I appreciated being able to follow a process that obviously has worked for your company. I can now say it worked for me too!
Thanks again and I wish you, and your family, continued success.
Val, Sydney

“I first came to know about A-Ms work through the @capecodresidential Instagram page. At the time a mate of mine and I were right in the middle of a major renovation of a run down post-war property that we had purchased. Seeing as though we were just two average blokes with as much interior design finesse as well…. two average blokes, we decided that the @capecodresidential page was a great one to follow for ideas. Trying to decide what paint colour goes with what type of tile and what type of tile goes with which style of cabinets, we were lost.

After a few months of following we noticed that although we were getting great design ideas, there was also something very different about A-Ms agency; something we’d never seen before. Every house listed with Cape Cod Residential was impeccably staged and styled by A-M for FREE and every house sold…. quickly! We had to meet up with A-M!

From the moment A-M walked through the door of our half finished reno we were convinced that we had stumbled upon a golden agent. From her included styling and staging concepts and “value-add” philosophies we knew that A-M was the agent for us.

Hurrah! We were right! Not only did A-M manage to sell our property at the first open home, she also set a record for the highest price achieved in our neighbourhood. We could never have achieved results like this without her guidance and for that we are truly thankful and can’t wait to work together again!”

Paul Nipperess, Upper Mount Gravatt

“The Cape Cod Team did tremendous work with the sale of our primary residence.

What they were able to do with our home was simply breathtaking, encouraging us to do what we could this side of the sale to make it as appealing as possible for the next family.

The sale process they undertook was logical and data based and made sense to us. Their genuine desire to see us get the maximum price while modifying our price expectations to what the market really would pay for the property was professional, insightful and effective.

Thank you for your quality service, professionalism, and an eye to detail and luxury. Our investment into your services was worth every cent.

We listed pre Christmas, had multiple offers on the table the night of the open, and it settled in early January. Everyone told us this wouldn’t be possible, but it actually was with the Cape Cod team, purely due to the approach, the process they adopt, and the excellence they adhere to.

Thank you again A-M and Luke.”

Sharon and John, Upper Mt Gravatt

“Where do we begin….. to thank you for all that you did when selling our Mums apartment!!

Being repeat clients of Anne-Maree, we knew what to expect and of course Cape Cod went above and beyond our expectations!!
This was a time of high stress for all our family, but Anne-Maree, Kate and the Cape Cod Team not only showed empathy but also bought a positive energy to the whole process and made it fun!!
It is so apparent that you all love what you do and the passion and professionalism that you bring to your business shows in your amazing results for your clients.
Three days on the market and sold for an excellent price!!
Thank you for going out of your way to make this whole experience of renovating and selling Mum’s apartment so much easier.
With Thanks and Gratitude
From my Mum and all of us. Xx”
Wendy and Andrew, St Lucia

“Our 4 x Townhouse development hit the market the same week COVID-19 lockdowns started. The Cape Cod team did an outstanding job staging and presenting the townhouses and the buyer feedback was excellent. All four townhouses sold for a great price in an uncertain market. I highly recommend Ann-Maree, Luke and team!”

Kris, Annerley

“This was the second time I engaged Anne-Maree and Luke Russell from Cape Cod Residential and I wasn’t disappointed. Between my first house sale and now my second with them – their passion for their business operation hasn’t wained. With Anne-Maree’s international award-winning staging (it’s free!) and Luke’s patience and highly skilled negotiation I could not be happier with the final sale result. My house was under offer following the first open home – with multiple offers that were all worthy and above my expectation. I am winning! If you are considering engaging Cape Cod Residential don’t hesitate to speak with Anne-Maree and Luke – they are honest and experienced and work very hard to get the best price for your home.”

Glenys, Nundah

“Without a doubt Anne-Maree Russell knows real estate and combined with her ability to create something special whilst promoting your home is an absolute bonus. We are privileged to work with Anne-Maree and love seeing the final touches she brings to any home.
We cannot speak highly enough of Anne-Maree and her team, always very professional and very organised. The pleasure is always ours.”

The Art of Hanging

“When we decided to sell our little cottage six months ago now, the only person I would even contemplate to do this was Anne-Maree.  From our very first meeting all those months ago, we planned and schemed the operation to present our cottage in its best light, taking into account highlighting all the lovely features the cottage offered and which we fell in love with when we purchased it for our home.

Month by month we followed Anne-Maree’s instructions to the tee and the time came for us to put the house on the market.  Anne-Maree and her team came to visit and started scheming on how they would present this house, as presentation is EVERYTHING to a successful sale.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  Anne-Maree and her team “polished” our home and the end result was astonishing.  We had the most delightfully styled home to appeal to all our buyers and our little cottage was under contract within 6 hours!  We could not be more impressed or pleased with the way Anne-Maree and her team managed our sale right from the word go.  We had invested so much already into our home and Anne-Maree added the WOW factor!  In my heart I knew that my little cottage could shine brilliantly if the right person was allowed to work their magic and that came in the form of Anne-Maree.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Cape Cod Residential to every seller who is thinking of listing their home on the market.  Our planning beforehand was crucial in making our house present in the best possible light and it was such a pleasure to work with Anne-Maree and her team of absolutely wonderful people who could see our vision and worked with us to achieve our best possible outcome.  Everything went so smoothly it was really hard to believe!  And that is the way selling a house can be and should be!”

Catherine and Peter Lyn, Windsor

“In January of 2015, Carmel and I put our home of 22yrs on the market. We had several of the local realtors in for appraisals, figuring they would best know the local market. Like every other home owner I had higher expectations than were realistic, but I was totally unprepared for the appraisals I received from the local “experts”. To be fair, it was a difficult to appraise as there was nothing in the local area to compare it with, which is how they mostly arrive at their valuations, by comparing similar property sales.

I was contemplating keeping it and renting it out but the thought of it being knocked about would have really upset me, it had been a truly wonderful family home and it needed another young family to nurture.

My daughter, who had been following Cape Cod Residential on Face Book and realestate.com.au, suggested we contact Anne-Maree as she had been following her results, and said she had been getting consistently higher sales prices than similar properties in their respective areas. So we did.

Opened the front door and thought “Another bubbly, blonde bombshell saleswoman”. How wrong could I be!

Anne-Maree is one of the most passionate, dedicated and talented people I have met. She is one of the very few people who truly love what they do for a living. It wasn’t luck, she has worked hard in different careers to reach where she is today.

They say that every bride has her day, Anne-Maree gave our home of 22yrs its ‘Bridal Day’. With her eye for detail, industry contacts etc she made over our home and put it on the market. It had never looked so invitingly comfortable. Depending on which of the local real estate appraisals you benchmark from, Cape Cod Residential achieved $60,000 to $90,000 above what we were told we could get in the current market.

We have appointed Anne-Maree to sell another property for us when she returns from her holiday and would highly recommend Cape Cod Residential and Anne-Maree without hesitation to anyone wishing to sell their home.

While she gets results AM isn’t perfect – her taste in music is deplorable, her fascination with cushions, unbelievable. She has however discovered the importance of Sheds.

Thank you for helping us attain top value for our home, it has made our relocation so much easier.

Yeah, you are one hell of a Bombshell!”

Chris and Carmel McKay, Balmoral

“Both Anne-Maree and Luke are certainly the dynamic duo and a force (in real estate) to be reckoned with. Both are committed to providing a positive end to end experience for their clients. They are giving the regular real estate world and their conventions a spanking with their proven methodology!

Anne-Maree is undeniably the “Queen of staging and styling.” Her eye and expertise provides the perfect base towards achieving emotional connection for the purchaser. But it isn’t as simple as plonking beautiful furniture in a home and dressing it to the nines. Both Anne-Maree and Luke are skilled negotiators and Luke’s finance background is an added benefit when it comes down to the dollar. They discussed their process upfront with me and were honest in the appraisal of my property.

I have found them to be highly motivated towards achieving maximum campaign success. They were very personable in all of my interactions with them. Listen to what they have to say, see their proven results and make your home sparkle to give it the best possible chance before the big truck backs up that inventory of furniture.

I am richer in many ways after selling my property with them. I would highly recommend Cape Cod Residential.”

Glenys Keir, Windsor

“Sincere thanks for your dedication and professionalism with selling our home. Your facilitation of the sales process was seamless. The options you proposed were on the mark.

We were grateful for your expertise and sound knowledge you shared on local market data, particularly in the local area. We were constantly informed and consulted through every stage of the process.

In particular, we were impressed by the attention to detail in your styling, staging and meticulous attention to the ‘fine details’. Your unwavering enthusiasm displayed during the sales campaign was an absolute standout.

We also wish to acknowledge your exceptional hard work, dedication and professional ethics. These characteristics demonstrate an absolute perfectionist and an agent who works in the best interests of the vendor.

The sale price was a great outcome. We would highly recommend your bespoke agency for the amazing service and expertise.

Future vendors don’t even seek an alternative agent when you have the amazing Ms Anne-Maree Russell (Wonder Agent) available who can deliver an excellent sale price with panache.”

Kathryn and Shane, Norman Park

“When we first heard about Cape Cod Residential’s services, it challenged our approach to selling our home. We wanted to present our home in it’s best light- “as a bride on her day” to quote Anne-Marie. Because of Cape Cod Residential’s home staging, our home was taken to another level in presentation.

Right from the beginning Luke and Anne-Marie were enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and available. In fact one day I had Anne-Marie helping me clean the fridge! [I discovered a range of “wipes” I didn’t know existed.] I would never have expected that from a real estate agent.

During the sales process, we appreciated their experience and guidance towards getting us the outcome we hoped for. We had some decisions to make and thanks to Luke and his advice I believe we made the correct decisions. We are saying to our friends – “why would you NOT use them?”

If we had to do it over again, I would not hesitate in going exactly the same way with Cape Cod Residential.”

Ed and Marg Van Maanen, Wynnum

“We are so pleased we chose Anne-Maree, from Cape Cod Residential, to sell a house we owned.

From the moment we first met with Anne-Maree we felt at ease and confident that she would put everything into selling our house.

She did the most incredible job styling the home. It was absolutely perfect. Her attention to detail is incredible.

We had so much fun every time we met with her and she made every stage enjoyable.

Anne-Maree kept us updated through every step and worked so hard to get the best possible price for our house, even selling it within a month. The whole process went so smoothly and this was due to Anne-Maree’s dedication.

We can’t recommend Anne-Maree highly enough if you are thinking of selling. We have never come across another agent like her.”

Dean and Jen Wood, Carindale

“Like all of the other reviews, I cannot recommend Cape Cod Residential highly enough. I had followed Anne-Marie on social media, and was in awe of her styling capabilities.

My husband was a bit worried that a little house in jamboree heights was not very prestigious and may not reap the same rewards or outcome as houses closer to the city or in colonial style areas, but Anne-Marie proved him wrong.

We had renovated the home during our 10 years there, and I believe that the styling and Anne-Marie’s eye for detail, helped present the home to its full potential. She was always available and happy to give us advice on carpet colours and other finer details, to ensure we made the best impact on open day and had the best outcome.

We sold the house after 3 days on the market, with 4 different offers, and $50,000 more than what other similar homes were going for in the area. We are very happy clients!!!!!”

Tabitha, Jamboree Heights

“A-M of Cape Cod Residential styled and sold our home in the most professional manner.
Her taste was exquisite, and her work ethic stronger than any other agent I have experienced. Thank you and good luck in the future.”

K&I, Camp Hill

“What an agent!!! A-M was fantastic. From the outset she was professional, understanding and determined to make our selling experience first class. A-M amazed us with her styling flare for staging the property.

We set her a challenge, a three week auction campaign, that she handled extremely well. I was amazed at how hard and long she worked to secure groups to come and view the property. On top of all that the property achieved an amazing result and sold at auction.

A-M made the process very easy for us and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any prospective seller. She really does go ‘beyond the call’….. ”

Leanne and Andrew Harvison, Rochedale South

“Wow! One of the most exceptional Real Estate Agents in Brisbane! (I work with real estate agents day in and day out – I have been around Brisbane’s real estate circles for many years).

Anne-Maree is the ONLY agent in Brisbane that personally stages every property that she is selling – the result is picture perfect presentation every time – it produces truly beautiful images. Combined with Anne-Maree’s genuine passion and brilliant marketing plans, her sellers are achieving fast results and at record prices.”

Real Estate Pics www.realestatepics.com.au

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Anne-Maree during the selling of my parents’ home. She is so tenacious and such a hard worker. Nothing was overlooked. I would not look any further than to Cape Cod Residential to sell in the future and I would recommend her to anyone.

Anne-Maree sets the bar so high that I feel sorry for other real estate agents.  It would be hard to compete against such a genuinely dedicated and passionate person.  In addition to this – she is a lovely person to deal with and truly cares about the people that she is working for.”

Mary-Louise Rowell, Graceville

“A-M is a brilliant real estate agent. In fact, she’s more than that. She’s a stylist, stager, furniture providore and procurer, confidant and market knowledge powerhouse.

A-M delivered her excitingly stocked van to my house and unloaded her precious cargo – taking my home from a pretty, comfortable, lovely family Queenslander to spectacular, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping brilliance. I didn’t once consider using anyone else, and she will absolutely be my first phone call next time.

A-M is the business. She goes beyond the call of duty at every stage – from initial contact and advice, to daily chats, to regular reports, to hard-core negotiation. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jennifer Campbell Case, Camp Hill

“Anne-Maree Russell of Cape Cod Residential has been the backbone for my practice Gatti Design, with her amazing support and her belief and appreciation in the work we produce.

My clients who have been referred by Anne-Maree have all had the privilege to meet and seek her advice; they all share the same appreciation through her real estate knowledge and property business providing them with an entire package of selling, statistics on viable options and her truly awe-inspiring styling of homes.

I have only ever heard glowing references from all that have dealt with her. This has provided my practice with the confidence of forging a strong relationship moving forward.

There is not a better agent and person in the real estate field, dedicated and always delivering over and above, genuinely helping all that cross her path, and I’ve been one of them. We most certainly share the same ethics in business and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Lena Gatti, Gatti Design

“Thanks A-M for doing such a wonderful job selling our home. You made it such an easy process, during a really busy time for us.

We didn’t have to worry about anything because you were so organised. I didn’t realise how empty our house was until you came in with your beautiful styling and lifted the look and feel of our place before it went on the market.

I can’t thank you enough for your amazing efforts.  Three days on the market and a price above our expectations! Doesn’t get much better than that!”

Stacey and Michele Capannini, Sherwood

“Our decision to select Cape Cod Residential to manage the sale of our home was an easy one.  In all of two words … Anne-Maree Russell!  When we first met Anne-Maree we were instantly drawn to the impeccable styling of the property that she was marketing at the time, but more importantly her friendly and engaging personality was the real drawcard in our opinion.

Without any doubt, Anne-Maree knows the real estate business hands down; combined with her ability to sell she also has the vision to create beautiful spaces that goes a long way in promoting your home.  At times the process became daunting but Anne-Maree was there guiding us with expert hands and keeping us to up to date with buyer feedback.  She also managed to lighten situations with her humour (we shared many laughs together) and we can honestly say we had fun preparing our home before handing it over to her each Saturday.  But when the offer came in Anne-Maree worked both swiftly and professionally to close the deal and delivered the outcome that we were seeking.

All in all, we can not speak highly enough of Cape Cod Residential and Anne-Maree Russell is who everyone should seek to sell their home.  We will continue to sing her praises for many years to come.”


Kim & Stuart Cleary, Ormiston

“What a refreshing experience to have the guidance and assistance of Anne-Maree Russell when purchasing our new home.  Thank you for keeping us advised at every point of our purchase.

Anne-Maree did not hesitate going above and beyond making our purchase easy and smooth.  Nothing was too much trouble.

Not only was Anne-Maree very helpful in the actual purchase process she has been such a delight to deal with. Positive, bubbly, friendly, professional, honest and trustworthy.  I was also grateful for Anne-Maree’s expert knowledge on renovating ideas!

My husband and I are delighted to recommend Anne-Maree.”

Rachelle & Anthony Richardson, Mt Gravatt East



As the only Australian real estate agency to win highly coveted HIA Property Styling Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the consecutive winner of the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 ‘Houzz.com.au' Design Awards, Cape Cod Residential distinguishes itself as one of Brisbane’s premier boutique agencies. Cape Cod Residential provides its ALL-INCLUSIVE staging, styling & selling services to all metro Brisbane locations and operates with the distinct philosophy that 'Presentation Is Everything' where every seller deserves to showcase their home in its finest light and every buyer deserves to experience the full potential of their next home.

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